Winning the Entrepreneurial Game

Winning the Entrepreneur Game
There are rules that you break at your own risk.

You can indeed be profitable, and have a work-life balance, but you have to be smart about how you grow to do so.

We will discuss the most common pitfalls that doom small businesses and how to overcome them intelligently, with case studies of how it was done well by small businesses.

After this workshop, a small business owner (or prospective one) will know:
- Secrets of how and why to get more funding then they think they need to start their business
- Controversial common early mis-steps in creating your business
- How and why to keep score in your business and how that can be vital to your success (or failure)
- What is the best industry to be in, and how much of a difference that can really make
- 3 Great strategic opening moves that set the stage for a business to be successful

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