Networking and Knowledge

Successful businesses must start with a firm foundation, then build. Sometimes building can be done by instinct. Just as with everything else in life, some people have a natural talent – but they are few and far between. Most people learn through experience, generally quite painful, or through education and the sharing of knowledge with others.

We vote for knowledge and networking and that’s exactly what this series provides – NOWledge – Knowledge that you need NOW!

Each month a business book is chosen to form the focal point of a seminar and discussion. Subject matter ranges widely, as does the kinds of information business owners need. Past subjects have included social media marketing, pricing, investing, and creative thinking, among others.

Most people read some of the book, some people read the entire book, and some people do not read it at all. It is preferred that attendees have familiarized themselves with the book to some extent. mandatory. We’d prefer that you come whether you’ve read the book or not.

We meet the last Tuesday of each month.  If you can’t make the Tuesday night workshop, we hold an encore Saturday morning workshop the following month. Coffee and light refreshments are served for both the night and morning groups.

Each meeting consists of a half hour of networking before the workshop begins. Cost to attend is $49.

While visiting us, please be sure to check out our Success Library and feel free to check out a book!

For questions, please contact Racheal Renfree-Hawes via … if you share a creative marketing story with her, you have a chance to win a free pass – the more creative, the better!

Racheal and Jeffrey Gitomer, Sales Master and NY Times Bestselling author

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