Success – Barefoot or Designer-clad?

April 21, 2012

If I lived someplace where I could get anyplace and back in less than 114 miles comfortably, I think this is how I’d do it. I like going places silently. Part of the reason I know I’m not successful yet is I still can’t afford to go barefoot. When I can live my life – [...]

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Small Business vs. Micro Business

April 18, 2012

Perhaps one of the most helpful things we could do for “micro” businesses is to all start formally separating them from the “small” businesses. I’m constantly reading things for “small” businesses and it’s just not a one-size-fits-all term. Micros are, by definition, up to 10 employees. “Small” employs up to 500 employees. In today’s world, [...]

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Ambient Knowledge

April 14, 2012

There’s a 20-page advertisement in a recent Fast Company issue about Montreal that makes it sound so incredible that I’m almost (but not quite) persuaded to make my car turn north. According the the headlines, it is “The Street-Smart Cultural Capital of Canada” and “a world-class hotbed of innovation.”  Seriously – it sounds like it would [...]

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Social Media Done Right

April 11, 2012

Intuit posed a graphic of how “small” businesses use social media.  ”Small” can employ up to 500 employees.  It’s impossible for a micro business, solopreneurs or businesses with just a couple of employees to handle social media in the same way. A key difference is that in larger companies, there is a clear separation between [...]

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Marketing: Tactics vs. Strategy – Joy’s Take

April 6, 2012

Even though I am a marketing consultant, it is only part of my work as a general micro- and micro-startup consultant. I seldom post anything solely on marketing. I do share a couple of fantastic posts on Facebook each day from my friends and colleagues in the Duct Tape Marketing network. Tonight, after having a [...]

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Don’t Stall on the First Plateau

March 21, 2012

From a Forbes interview of Grant Cardone: Q) Can you explain what “The 10X Rule” is and why it’s important? A) Clearly a majority of people in society has underestimated what it takes to create success at home, in their finances, and in the workplace. The middle class in America is suffering because it has [...]

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Growing the “Will” in Willpower

March 4, 2012

One of the toughest parts of running a business is actually “getting it done.”  There are always time constraints and, sometimes, budget constraints.  In fact, there are mostly constraints of will.  We all know we “should” do some marketing.  In fact we know we should put together a real marketing plan – then follow it [...]

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Breaking the Trap

February 29, 2012

I’ve been thinking a lot about the parable of the monkey.  Monkeys are smart little animals – a lot like people in fact.  They’re very hard to trap, so hunters let them trap themselves.  If you put something the monkey wants inside a jar, with an opening just big enough for the monkey to stick [...]

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All About Risk

January 21, 2012

“Risk” is a short way of saying “possibility of pain.”  Without risk there is no great reward since risk and reward do go hand in hand.  The human brain works on comparison.  What we find painful is relative to the experiences of those around us because they tailor our expectations.  If our expectations are met, [...]

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Mental Resistance Training

January 13, 2012

We are biologically geared to instantly look for drawbacks, problems, and things that can hurt us, both subconsciously and consciously.  It’s what’s kept us alive as a species.  Compared to the other great animals that lived during our early years, we were quite puny.  Developing the ability to sense and instinctively react to danger was [...]

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