Business Ideas

If you’d like to start a business but aren’t sure what, we always have a number of ideas for you to explore, many of which are either filling un- or under-served needs along the 395 corridor.  If you can provide core knowledge and desire, we want to partner with you with the rest.  Here are some current ideas:

Light home maintenance on a monthly contract: A jack-of-all trades handyman. Being a licensed electrician, plumber, or carpenter would be helpful but having a solid general ability to do everything short of work requiring a license, and affiliations with licensed specialists would be more important.

Personal chef made affordable: A culinary school graduate with a background in nutrition.

Engineering of a plumbing related outdoor product: Creativity, a basic knowledge of plumbing and plumbing materials is required.

A specialized line of street wear clothing for women: Pattern making experience is required.

If you’re interested in these business ideas, or have an idea you’d like to add, please E-mail Joy.

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