Creativity: Better then Money

by Joy Johnson on July 15, 2012

This post by Seth Godin is the heart and soul of micro start-ups and the concept of bootstrapping.

Using creativity buys solutions that differentiateLack of money can be a micro startup business owner’s biggest asset.  It’s easy to shop.  The world is full of “good” for a “reasonable price.”  Everybody has “it” – the very same “it” – the “it” you buy at Staples or Wal-Mart of Home Depot. Those buyers don’t stand out.  Spending money is the easy solution.  Applying creativity takes work.  The result, however, will differentiate you.

Take what you have.  Multiply it 100 fold through creativity.  Every option you can’t afford simply magnifies your success.  Every perceived slight of fate becomes a diamond in the rough.  Your own creativity releases it’s beauty and hones its value.

When I started one of my businesses, I couldn’t afford color even though many of my competitors could.  I designed a logo and theme that looked best in black and white.  Black and white stand out in a colored world.

How can creativity make you competitive?

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